In a recent interview for Leiderdorps Weekly, the local paper of Leiderdorps in the Netherlands, Ingrid Schippers, co-author of genealogy mystery novel Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat (Summertime, 2011) looks back to 30 years ago when she used to write a column – ‘Girl Talk’  for the paper.

“The subjects in ‘Girl Talk’, varied from ‘The Peculiar Love life of Donald Duck’ to ‘Suspicious Finds in Leiderdorp Soil during Building of Shopping Mall De Winkelhof’”, she explains in the interview. “I wrote my column using the pseudonym ‘Dixie’; that’s Latin for ‘I have spoken’ and of course it refers to the ‘dixie’ of language.  It has always been in my blood to write about anything that comes my way…”

Schippers left Leiderdorp at 17 to work as an au pair in England, but continued to write for the Leiderdorps Weekly. After that she started travelling and has thus far lived and worked around Europe and Asia and in the United States.

“The only red thread in my life, has always been writing,” she tells the paper. “… If you had told me 30 years ago that … the Leiderdorps bookshop would hold a mystery novel written by me, I would have looked at you strangely. But it would have made a nice subject for ‘Girl Talk’!”

The original Dutch version can be found here. Find the full translated interview here.




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