TCK kid, mother, teacher and author Valérie Besanceney recently presented a workshop to parents on the topic of Third Culture Kids and relocation, along with intercultural competence expert Anne-Claude Lambelet  (Here I go) and author Melissa Dalton-Bradford (Global Mom: A Memoir). 

In her latest blog post, Besanceney reflects on the challenge of public speaking, assures us that practice does make perfect, and demonstrates how presentations can lead to book sales. “…as much as my family and friends can attest to the fact that I don’t shy away from talking about issues I feel strongly about, public speaking is not my forte. Yet. I keep telling my eight-year-old students they should never say that they are not good at something. After all, to become good at something you need to practice. ‘What did you say? You’re not good at math? You will be, you’re just not good it at yet.” Read the full post.

Keep an eye on Besanceney’s list of valuable TCK resources at

B at Home: Emma Moves Again (Summertime Publishing 2014) by Valérie Besanceney tells the story of 10-year-old Emma and her teddy bear as they grapple with the news of a third relocation.


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