In her latest blog, counsellor, adjunct professor and author Lois J Bushong, discusses the challenges in understanding TCK depression, for both the TCK and the therapist.

A major problem in trying to understand what might be causing depression for those who have been globally mobile is one simple fact, the consequence of their highly mobile lifestyle. Their lives are often so rich and filled with privilege; they and those around them don’t see how they could have a reason to be depressed. Many don’t have the usual markers (family history of depression, a traumatic event, ongoing stress) that often seem to precipitate a diagnosis of depression.”

Bushong encourages an approach centered on listening and free of judgement. Read her thoughts on how best to support a TCK suffering from depression here.

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Lois J. Bushong is the author of Belonging Everywhere & Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile (Mango Tree Intercultural Services, 2013). 


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