Drinking-Camels-Milk-in-the-YurtKristina Gray is thrilled to have had her work featured in the recently released Drinking Camel’s Milk in the Yurt (Summertime Publishing 2013) (edited by Monica Neboli). In the book, Kristina tells the story of climbing Almaty’s Kok Tobe mountain with a fellow American expat and old friend. During their climb and picnic on top, the pair reflects on their experiencse of Kazakh culture and how expat life has changed over the years.

Here Kristina shares her thoughts on reading fellow author Jacyntha England’s contribution to the book, called ‘First Snow’:

“After reading [the story], I was brought to tears. Ms. England does a good job of showing how the Kazakh people are kind and giving. That’s what I want to remember about the many Kazakhs I met in Almaty and Astana the three and a half years I lived in Kazakhstan. In this case, they welcome the vulnerable visitor who doesn’t know how tough the country can be especially with the first snow of the season. The empathy shown by an old man acting as a taxi driver to a woman who has just arrived from a two week vacation in Thailand is endearing. The warming blanket is the key ingredient in this story. Please check this book out for yourself if you want to learn how other authors portray this well kept secret of a country… Kazakhstan.”

Find Kristina’s blog about Kazakhstan at http://kazakhnomad.wordpress.com.

Get a FREE copy of the first three stories of Drinking Camel’s Milk in the Yurt at http://kzexpatstories.wordpress.com/drinking-camels-milk-book-preview/.

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