Inconvenient PostingIn the wake of hurricane Sandy, Laura J Stephens, author of An Inconvenient Posting: An Expat Wife’s Memoir of Lost Identity, is reminded of another hurricane four years ago… Hurricane Ike struck Houston, USA in September 2008, when British-born Laura (and her family) were living in the city.

“Knowing the hurricane was coming was scary enough,” she writes in her blog, “living through it – hunkering down in our closet, hearing the high pressure hose rain lashing the windows, ominous thuds as branches and a tree fell on our house, huddling together in the stifling hot darkness without power, straining to hear commentary on a wind up radio pressed between our ears – was certainly an adrenalin fuelled experience, one to tell the grand-children about.

“Read the full blog post – “Impact of Sandy: what you’ll see and what you won’t”–  here. Read more about An Inconvenient Posting: An Expat Wife’s Memoir of Lost Identity here.


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