Inconvenient PostingIn her latest blog post, Laura J Stephens, author of An Inconvenient Posting: An Expat Wife’s Memoir of Lost Identity (Summertime Publishing 2012), writes about the challenges of Christmas and highlights some difficulties for expats in particular.

“Expats may feel they want to (or have to) travel to see family at Christmas,” she writes, “which adds a whole level of complexity to preparations. Such as what to do about presents – they can’t all be transported in suitcases and then there’s where to lodge – you don’t want to outstay your welcome and pressure to see everyone while you are back and so on.

For others who long for the familiarity of a family Christmas in their ‘home’ country, they will miss the people and special traditions. It can be difficult to get through Christmas day in a far off place…”

She also puts together a different kind of Christmas list: one that ways up the pros and cons of the festive season. Read the full post here.

Read more about An Inconvenient Posting: An Expat Wife’s Memoir of Lost Identity here.





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