If you’re looking for (free!) expert advice to help you adjust to all manner of changes, pay a visit to the blog of psychotherapist Laura J Stephens each month. Recent topics include:

– Sleep solutions: Read about Laura’s sleep improvement plan, as well as her tips on easing worries, preparing for bed, and using relaxation techniques.

– Empty Nest: “… most of the mothers I’ve spoken to have known for years their child will leave, and yet when they do actually go, it’s still a wrench. When an only child or the last one departs, those mums (and dads) know they had a role and now it’s gone forever.” Read her advice here on dealing with regrets (like I wish I had spent more time with them); giving yourself time to grieve; acknowledging the positives (like having more time at hand); and staying in touch with kids.

Stephens is the author of An Inconvenient Posting: An Expat Wife’s Memoir of Lost Identity (2012), which tells the story of her own (unexpected) battle with depression after leaving her career behind due to another relocation. 



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