Mental Pause Final Cover 72On the launch of her first novel Mental Pause, Anne O’Connell wrote a series of articles on the challenges of switching from non-fiction (see @home in Dubai) to fiction. (Her first article on this genre switch was written for Expat Bookshop; find it here.)

In a guest post for Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog, Anne writes: “Some writers prefer to stick to a niche because once they have a formula it’s like a comfortable old shoe. It also makes it easier to market yourself. For me, I like variety and the marketing challenge keeps me on my toes.” Find more info – including tips for writing across genres successfully – here.

In another article, this time for The Bookshelf Muse, Anne discusses some of the cons of switching genres (such as alienating loyal readers and costs of new marketing strategies).

“If you decide to write multiple genres, be ready to manage a complex communications strategy,” writes Anne. Later she gives comprehensive strategies for managing your website and social media to include your new direction. Find more info here.



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