Author Niamh Ni Bhroin ( The Singing Warrior) brought in the new year at a drumming circle, where she and fellow drummers reflected on the importance of “heart” in making decisions.

“I realized when I made choices from a place of ‘disconnection’, it never served me … Plans and choices made with heart connection will never see one wrong. On my shamanic course, I have been confronted with so many facets of my life, old and new. It’s not easy to acknowledge and take accountability for one’s life -TOTALLY. But when we surrender to it, it’s as if Spirit acknowledges our efforts and gives great gifts back to us. To walk our path with truth and integrity in a world of lots of trickery and deceit. Yet, the duality is an integral part of our path.” Read the rest here.

Niamh lives in the Netherlands with her teenage daughter and mongrel Mozart. Here she has combined her life experiences and spiritual inclination to run spiritual and healing workshops (including reiki and shamanic drumming), as well as writing and ‘spear your fears‘ workshops. 

Read more about the book and Niamh’s incredible journey here.

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