Each month psychotherapist and author Laura J Stephens writes about the common and less common challenges faced by expats and those in transition. This time she discusses the role childhood memories (or lack thereof) can play in our  adult lives, as well as how “allowing creative regeneration can be energizing and take you to a place of new motivation, which requires a letting go and an openness to take risks, to try new things or test drive new ways of being.”

Here’s one of her tips:

Find some photographs of yourself as a child if you have them. Look at them with a detached eye. What do you notice about yourself and those around you? What does your body language say, the expression on your face. Perhaps you remember how you felt when the photo was taken?”

Find more ideas – and the first chapter of her book for FREE – here.

Stephens is the author An Inconvenient Posting: An Expat Wife’s Memoir of Lost Identity (Summertime Publishing 2012), the story of her depression and recovery after a relocation she had thought would be easy. Read more about the book here.



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