Expat-Teens-Talk-300In their latest blog, “The Nature of Relationships in the Expat World”, Dr Lisa Pitman and Diana Smit, authors of Expat Teens Talk (Summertime Publishing 2012) discuss the difficulties of maintaining friendships and striking up new ones when “goodbye” is almost always around the corner. They write: “In the Expat World, where change is one of the only things that is constant, saying ‘goodbye’ becomes the other constant. This happens either because you are moving, or because those around you are moving.” 

One of their tips to help with this process is:

Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Even when you are able to get comfort from your family, it’s still nice to know that there are others your age who are experiencing similar feelings and frustrations. So, reach out to them on blogs, chatrooms, or other websites. Even though your experience may still hurt, sometimes being reminded that others are going through it to makes it a bit more manageable.”

Read the full piece – and more tips – here.


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