FlyAwayhome_Cover_webIn her review of Maggie Myklebust’s memoir Fly Away Home novelist and founder of Forest Avenue Press Laura Stanfill writes: “Certainly, at its core, Fly Away Home is a love story – not just the girl-meets-boy variety, though an incredible romance blazes through the heart of the book. It’s also about yearning for a particular place, its landscape and its residents, when one is many miles away.”

Later she writes: “Maggie takes an unflinching approach to narrating her own life, laying emotional moments on the page without sugarcoating them or, conversely, exaggerating them for dramatic effect. The result is a fascinating, feel-good memoir, chock full of insights, surprises, humor and tension.”

Read the full review – and an interview with Maggie – here.

Maggie was born and raised on the Jersey Shore, but has Norwegian heritage. Today she is married to a Norwegian and lives in Norway.

Read more about Fly Away Home here. Find the author’s website here:


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