Emily McGee, a freelance writer and “trailing spouse” currently in Nairobi, Kenya, recently interviewed Summertime author Apple Gidley.

Asked how she manages to maintain her friendships while constantly on the move, Apple replies: “I like people, am naturally curious and get pleasure in hearing other people’s stories so I don’t feel as if I am ‘investing’ in them – rather I hope we are enjoying each others company. I think in the expatriate world we form friendships quite quickly – some do become deep and long lasting, others remain in a time and place. That doesn’t lessen the importance of those friendships because they were precious at the time and contribute to a happy memory.”

Read the full interview here.

Apple is the author of Expat Life: Slice by Slice (Summertime Publishing 2012), a memoir that details her expat life in 12 countries. Apple is also a blogger/columnist at the UK’s Telegraph. Find her  columns here.







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