WAYS Cover 300 RGB 2In an article on The Displaced Nation, Lindsay de Feliz’s Dominican Republic based memoir What About Your Saucepans? (Summertime Publishing 2013) is described as “an extraordinarily gripping read”.

In the interview that follows, De Feliz reveals:

  • how being shot by burglars inspired the first chapter written for the memoir
  • an average day in the UK life she left behind
  • how she met the Dominican man she went on to marry (asked if it was love at first sight, she says, “No, although he was seriously cute. But once Dominicans decide that you are the one, they are like Rottweilers and never let you go! He pursued me with a vengeance.”)
  • on whether cross-cultural marriages can work
  • on the role blogging played in getting published
  • the one book she’d require President Obama to read, and why

We also learn the inspiration for her book’s title!

Read the full article – ‘This expat arrived in the tropics without any saucepans—but then cooked up a potboiler of love, horror and adventure!’ – here.


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