WAYS Cover 300 RGBIn an interview with Expat Focus, Lindsay de Feliz, author of Dominican Republic based memoir What About Your Saucepans? (Summertime Publishing 2013) chats about (among other things):

  • how she went from the UK to a Caribbean island
  • where she has stayed on the island and where she lives now
  • how she came up with the book’s title (it’s something her mother once said)
  • the hardest part of writing the book. (“Once I had written everything down it was more ‘this happened, then this happened’. I had to totally change it to ‘show not tell’. That is, I could not say ‘I was angry’, I had to show that I was angry – ‘I threw the coffee cup across the room in rage’. I had to do that throughout the book. In addition I had to put much more dialogue in, rather than just describing what happened, and at first I found that difficult too.’
  • what she’s reading now
  • and whether she’ll write another book!

Read the full interview here.



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