9781904881711-Expat Life Cover.inddIn this interview with MyCurrencyTransfer.com, Apple Gidley discusses her greatest challenge as an expat, what’s next for her and her family, and the pros and cons of the expat blogosphere. She also tells us a little more about the recently released Expat Life: Slice by Slice (Summertime Publishing 2012).

Apple writes: “The issue of staying connected to our roots and whether we really need to know “where is home?” is touched on throughout the book. Expat Life Slice by Slice portrays the enjoyment and privilege of living in a country not one’s own.  It is an honest memoir that shares, through a take-away slice at the end of the each chapter, some of the lessons learnt along the way without, I hope, sounding preachy.” 

Asked what advice she’d have for fellow expats, she says: “Go with curiosity!  You’ll never learn all the nuances of a different culture but if you’re curious and show interest some incredible doors open.  And secondly, because I’m taking two, try to manage expectations in all aspects of the expatriate life from physical to emotional to financial because they all affect the outcome.”

Expat Life: Slice by Slice (Summertime Publishing 2012) vividly sketches the itinerant global life of Apple Gidley. Touched with humour and pathos, places come alive with stories of people met and cultures learned, with a few foreign faux pas added to the mix. Find out more about the book here.


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