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Interview with author, Nicole Webb

Nicole Webb, author of China Blonde, talks to Brightside Story Studio.

Why did you uproot your life and go overseas?

I met my husband, James, on a blind date when I was 35. He worked in hotels and warned me that they liked their staff to progress, which could involve moving overseas. After striving for my career for so long, I was scared to leave and lose my place at Sky News, so I told him straight up, ‘Nope, not me, I’m a career girl.’ He originally came to Australia from Britain as a backpacker, lured by Home and Away, so he was more than happy to stay.

“A year after we were married, a job came up at the super-chic W Hotel in Hong Kong. He dismissed it. By that stage, I’d been a newsreader for a decade, and in a ‘carpe diem’ moment, I realised I could still be doing the same thing in another ten years. Life was too short, so I told James to throw his hat in the ring.”

“He did and he got the job!”


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