In an interview with, Véronique Martin-Place, author of Finding your Feet in Chicago, talks about making a living as a writer and the hardest part of writing her Chicago guide book. She also mentions her favourite part of the book:

“My favorite part of the book is ‘Becoming a local’. In it, I explain how and where children and parents can learn or improve their English skills, how new expat families can connect with local and American families, but also how to become a local by following traditions, immersing you in local sport activities.

In the Midwest, the weather has a deep impact on family life and its activities. The winters are long and very cold whereas the summer can be warm and humid. Therefore I give a lot of information and tips about how to stay active under these weather conditions.

Also the book is filled with testimonials from expat parents who share their experiences and advice about how to settle well and fast in the Windy city.”

Read the full interview here.

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