Joanne Pasquale talks to Sassy Mama

Author, Joanne Pasquale, talks to Sassy Mama about her family, her life in Singapore, homeschooling her son Jamie who has special needs, and about her first book.

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Joanne’s book, A Positive Result, is out on Summertime Publishing very soon.


Author: Joanne Pasquale

Joanne began her career in the late 80s early 90s writing about homes and interiors for women’s magazines (a subject she previously had no ‘professional’ knowledge of). She credits her success at managing this to two things – a good nose for research and a love of stylish homes. ​In between children she continued to write, including starting a blog and writing short stories. When she and her family moved to Singapore in 2014 she returned to freelancing setting up her own company, Pasquale Publishing. Joanne’s most recent work includes travel features, guides to things to do in Singapore, features for expat websites, website content for local artists and editing a book for a French ‘nose’. Throughout this time, she has continued to write fiction and has at least two stories ‘on the go’ at any time. ​With a passion for travel, meeting people and tea she loves to combine the three when she can. She’s also partial to a musical or two and is strangely obsessed with Billy Bragg. Family holidays are what keeps her motivated and as her children have grown she’s discovered how much she still loves to travel on her own too. She is planning a book about the women of Bhutan having visited and fallen in love with the country and its people. She’s hoping this will develop in to a series looking at the lives and cultures of women around the world.

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