In this March interview with Expat Women, Nick Snelling discusses why he and co-author Graham Hunt wrote Laptop Entrepreneur (Summertime, 2011), the advantages of an online business, as well as how to go about starting it.

Asked whether creating an internet business is the solution to recent job insecurity, Nick replies: “Well, it is certainly one answer and it has great advantages over starting other businesses. The overheads can be negligible, the risks almost absent and it is strategically sound, as the internet is constantly expanding and is here to stay. Perhaps best of all, there are so many different ways of using the internet to make money that virtually anyone can adapt their existing skills to cyberspace and make it work for them.”

Find the full interview – including Nick’s six tips to creating an income-creating blog – here.

Read more about Nick’s book, Laptop Entrepreneur: How to make a living anywhere in the world (Summertime 2011), here.



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