Inconvenient PostingIn an interview with, Laura J Stephens, author of An Inconvenient Posting: An Expat Wife’s Memoir of Lost Identity (Summertime Publishing 2012), chats about changes in the expat book market.

“Digital technology has impacted in a number of ways; firstly by giving the opportunity to many expats to self publish. This has meant there are more expat books available and some good writers have emerged who might not otherwise have done so. Particularly as large publishers want high volume of sales before committing and the expat market is still considered niche in terms of size. Jo Parfitt (Summertime Publishing) says ‘there has never been a better time to be niche!’.

The number of digital book sales has ballooned in the last few years. Downloading books is ideal (of course) for expats who are in far flung places and don’t want the cost and risk of having it shipped to them.”

Hear more of her thoughts – and how she makes a living as a writer – here.


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