finding-your-feet-in-chicago-3D-1In an interview with Toni Hargis of, Véronique Martin-Place  talks about the ins and outs of writing Finding Your Feet in Chicago (Summertime Publishing 2012) and rediscovering her professional identity while also a mother and ‘trailing spouse’. She says:

“…I faced several professional adjustments because of our constant relocations. It was hard on me because I define myself not only as a spouse and mother but also as an active and professional woman. So in 2009, less than a year after moving to Chicago, I decided to launch my own portable career in the writing and editing industry as a freelance writer. I founded my website Writer Forever and my blog Expat Forever.”

Read the full interview here.

Read more about Finding your Feet in Chicago: The Essential Guide for Expat Families (Summertime 2012) here.




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