continentaldrifter978-1-909193-05-5_coverExpat Bookshop gets to know Dave Hughes, the author of  Continental Drifter: Memoir of an itinerant hydrocarbon expatriate (Summertime Publishing 2012). Find out more about the book here.  

EB: Tell us about your book. What is it about? 

DH: It is the story of my working life from 1973, when I first went overseas, to 2009, when my expatriate life finally came to an end.

EB: Why did you write it?

DH: I had written of my life growing up in South Wales [to be released shortly by Summertime Publishing].  I needed to complete my South Wales story by writing about my later, working life.

EB: Why do you think your book needed to be written?

DH: To add to the story of my childhood and so create a more comprehensive account of my life, hence giving my descendants a more comprehensive account of my life.

EB: Who do you think will read your book? Or who would you like to read your book?

DH: Really, I wrote this for family and friends.

EB: What was your biggest challenge regarding the writing of your book? How have you overcome that?

DH: Boredom! I lost interest in the book, but was overcome by an inbuilt trait of ‘do-not-give-up’. I would have felt bad if I had not finished it.

EB: If you were to give advice to someone else who is thinking about writing a memoir, what would be your number one tip?

DH: Go for it, keep at it, finish it.



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