Brit Nick Snelling, who lives in Spain with his family, responds to some of the negative press regarding Spain and its economic distress in an article on his website, Though he acknowledges that the Spanish economy has taken a beating, Nick argues that many of the factors that first brought foreigners to Spain, still exist.

He writes: “… the climate is as good as ever, the proximity to Northern Europe as convenient as always and the way of life just as seductive. The great culture of Spain is in tact and the cost of living extremely reasonable by comparison to any other First World country. Meanwhile the good nature, fortitude and calmness of the Spanish people (as a whole) remains remarkable given the savagery of their problems. Somehow they are as welcoming to foreigners as ever and their nuclear society is as enchanting as it has always been.”

Read the full article – and Nick’s optimistic conclusion – here.

Nick Snelling is the author of 1) How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely, 2) How to Sell Your Spanish Property in a Crisis, 3) Taking the Heat: An expat under pressure in Spain and 4) Laptop Entrepreneur: How to make a living anywhere in the world.



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