Honorary Degree for Ruth Van Reken

Congratulations to Summertime and Springtime author, Ruth Van Reken, on her honorary degree — a Doctor of Letters — from Wheaton College for her lifelong and visionary advocacy for third culture kids.

Ruth seeks to help cross-cultural sojourners navigate their own paradoxical stories of pilgrimage, including the challenges of multiple cycles of separation and loss, while at the same time welcoming with joy the many gifts also received. With David C. Pollock and Michael V. Pollock, Ruth coauthored Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, widely considered the “TCK bible.”


Ruth Van Reken is the author of Letters Never Sent, and co-author of Third Culture Kids and Life in Motion.

Author: Ruth E. Van Reken

Ruth Van Reken is a second generation Third Culture Kid (TCK) and mother of three now adult TCKs and co-author of "Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds", rev. ed. (Nicholas Brealey) with David C. Pollock. She is also the author of "Letters Never Sent", one of the first books written by an adult TCK examining the impact of his or her cross-cultural childhood. For the last twenty-five years, Ruth has travelled extensively to over forty-five countries working with fellow adult TCKs, parents of TCKs, human resource people, educators, and other caregivers about issues related to global family living. Currently, Ruth is researching how lessons learned in this TCK context may also apply to other types of cross-cultural childhoods. Ruth is co-founder and past chairperson of the annual Families in Global Transition conference. In addition to her two books and various other articles, she has written a chapter in "Strangers at Home" (Aletheia Publications), "Unrooted Childhoods" (Nicholas Brealey/Intercultural Press), and an upcoming book, "Writing Out of Limbo" (Cambridge Scholars Publications).

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