When Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, author of Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas (Summertime Publishing 2012), mentioned that she hosts workshops tackling cultural diversity through food, we wanted to hear more! She had this to say:

“Most people have their favorites or their comfort foods. The vast majority of people are proud of their national cuisine. Food is a part of everyone’s lives. Consequently, using food as a basis for understanding and appreciating cultural diversity seems like an obvious approach.

The cultural awareness building program I present incorporates: food tasting, culinary variations and food analogies to life.  Most families faced with relocation to another country are interested in the practical soup to nuts orientation. The program demonstrates the value of whetting the appetites of the future expats, thereby encouraging further training, research and growth.”

If you’d like Elizabeth to present ‘Food So Basic and Yet Sooooo Complex’ at your institution, contact her at e.kelly@crossculture-training.be. (Presentations are tailored to the audience.)

Find more info on her book Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas: Test Your Cultural Competence here.


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