Going Local in Gran Canaria cover 72If you’re looking for quality information on travelling to Gran Canaria – or living there – make www.GranCanariaLocal.com your first stop. Writer and resident expert Matthew Hirtes launched the site last week and on it you’ll find everything from the best beaches to top towns to what it’s like living on a paradise island. You’ll also find a  business directory with venues personally recommended by Hirtes.

Matthew Hirtes is the author of Going Local in Gran Canaria: How to turn a holiday destination into a home (Summertime Publishing, 2012).


“An extraordinarily honest, detailed, colourfully-written guide that both informs and entertains. Highly recommended.” Victoria Twead, author of Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools,Two Old Fools – Olé! and Mouth-Watering Spanish Recipes.

“With a rare depth of insight, Matthew weaves his personal experiences through an engaging narrative to show us a different face to Gran Canaria.” Andrea and Jack Montgomery, Going Native in Tenerife

“Matthew Hirtes probably knows more about Gran Canaria than many who were born there. Going Local is an engaging and authoritative guide for visitors and new residents alike.”  Louise Parkin, editor, Living Spain



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