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Safe Passage – essential reading for working with #TCKs

“This book was inspired by Ota identifying an unmet need he saw in students during transitional periods in the school year – and from existing research findings indicating that moving creates havoc with student learning. Ota and his colleagues at the American School of The Hague (ASH) developed the Safe Harbor programme to address the […]

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Two Jobs, And One Answer To Paris

I have two jobs. One I worked for. The other was given. These jobs look like different coin faces. To me they’re inseparable. I’m the coin, minted by life. The job I trained for was as a psychologist. I love consulting with individuals, couples, and families, and I’m honored to be able to address what […]

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Let’s Talk About the Weather

We see each other in the distance, but we act like we don’t. We just keep walking, gradually approaching one another. After all, we don’t know each other. But it’s also true that we don’t not know each other entirely. We’ve done this before, every day for nearly the last week. Twenty meters to go. […]

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No-No Boy

Writing a book is hard. People warned that the publication process is harder. They were right. Strangely, blogging in my mind seems the hardest. What is ‘blogging’? What am I signing up for? Where will this lead? Books are at least bound, their narrative arcs nestled reassuringly between a front and a back cover. Blogs […]

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Safe Passage: Highly Recommended for Anyone Working with TCKs

Safe Passage is essential for any international school wanting to create their own transition program.  Not only for schools though as I also found it a helpful read for expat parents.  Ota offers parental tips aimed at easing your child transition – including assessing your own responses to making a new transition.  In summary, I highly […]

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