Dounia Bertuccelli in conversation with Summertime author, Ruth Van Reken

Letters Never SentFIGT had very humble beginnings in the Midwest USA. While trying to adjust to life in suburban Indiana after living overseas, Ruth realized that not enough help was being given to relocated families. Although relocation packages included nice benefits and practical information, they lacked support in other areas.

“Topics such as transition, TCKs or spousal matters were not covered,” she said. “There seemed little awareness or appreciation for the enormity of the emotional/ psychological/ social issues that they or their children faced.”

In the meantime, Norma McCaig had started Global Nomads and David Pollock was talking about TCKs to international schools and organizations. Ruth’s memoir, Letters Never Sent had been published and people had begun writing to her, sharing their own similar experiences.

“It was apparent that issues related to global family living were real out in the world but they seemed invisible where I was living in Indianapolis,” she recalled. Then one day while sitting at her kitchen table with three friends, discussing the book she was writing with David Pollock, they realized it would be great to spread this information to a wider audience.


The repatriation dilemma

Leading Across Borders (186 x 300)More and more people are globally mobile, moving from their home country to other international locations to support global business needs. Sadly, few companies take advantage of the vast knowledge that these roving managers gain of different markets, ideas for inventing or enhancing products and services, and strengthened human networks across functions and geographies. Also, few companies seem to realize that repatriation “shock” is often a more difficult transition than the culture shock expatriates experience when going abroad. According to Brookfield’s 2015 Global Mobility Report, only 5% of companies measure the ROI of international assignments at all. Even though the business case for having a strong “Repatriation Process” is easy to make, only a handful of companies actually have one.


The Global Nomad’s Guide: Written for TCKs Facing a New Life

coverglobalnomadsguidetouniversity‘A handbook for students returning home or moving abroad for college, ‘Nomad’s’ Guide’ is written for TCKs facing a double transition -– adjusting to a new stage of life as an independent young adult while also adjusting to a new stage of life as an independent young adult while also adjusting to a new culture.’

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