Lindsay de Feliz on her writing life in the Dominican Republic

“I was shot at 10.30 at night, and I remembered the first 15 minutes but then had no recollection of anything for around 6 hours, although I am told I was never unconscious, until I had had chest drains inserted in the Emergency Room of a hospital in the capital. I really wanted to know what happened during that time, so I asked all of those who were with me at the time and wrote it all down. That became Chapter 5 of my first book and just sat there for the next 4 years until I started writing seriously in 2010.”



Lindsay de Feliz talks about her new memoir, Life After My Saucepans

Q: Why do you think your book needed to be written?

A: It shows a different side of the country and explains more about the culture of the Dominican people. It also shows that however tough things may be, and whatever fears you have, you can get over them.

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Life After My Saucepans by Lindsay de Feliz

Life After My Saucepans

Lifting the Lid on Living in the Dominican Republic

The eagerly-awaited sequel to the best-selling What About My Saucepans?

Available to buy at Amazon in paperback and Kindle

In What About Your Saucepans? Lindsay de Feliz gave up marriage and a successful career in the UK to follow her dreams as a scuba diving instructor in the Dominican Republic. She met and married her Dominican man and went on an incredible adventure involving political corruption and being shot in her own home.

Life After My Saucepans continues the story with Lindsay and Danilo living in hiding, away from the beaches and tourist resorts, in the mountainous, remote, sparsely populated north-west of the country. Will Danilo return to politics, will they turn their lives around and will they adapt to their new surroundings?

While visitors will recognise the descriptions of local men who scam foreign women (sanky pankys), they will also experience a different side of the country from Lindsay’s colourful narrative where the friendly, yet quirky, nature of the Dominican people is uncovered.

Full of incident, adventure, laughter and tears Lindsay describes her day-to-day life with her indomitable husband Danilo, as she comes to realise this is where she has always meant to be.


Lindsay de Feliz reviews Turkey Street

“Turkey Street is full of the double entendre which Jack uses so well, making this a book you should never read on a train or a plane as your fellow passengers will wonder why you are giggling every few seconds and then roaring with laughter. But Turkey Street is much more than a comedy and a description of Turkish life. As you read it you are smacked in the face with the harsh realities of life as an expat.”

Lindsay de Feliz, author of the Summertime Publishing best seller, What About Your Saucepans?

About Turkey Street.