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Buy this book if you know a #TCK moving across the ocean for university

“Finally a book that has the information that a TCK (Third Culture Kid) needs to prepare well for moving to the States (or Canada) for university! This book is not only well written but has lots of practical advice for both the teenager who is moving as well as their parents. I work with TCKs […]

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The Global Nomad’s Guide – a recommended read for any student #TCK

“Author, Tina Quick, speaks in simple, practical steps, reinforcing complicated or abstract concepts with application or a recommended direct action. Only a few pages pass at a time without a tip, a piece of easy advice, or a reassuring nudge forward – making it a perfect resource for attention-strapped students, or a quick reference for […]

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The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition – This Book is a Must

In The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition Tina L. Quick gives practical advice to help TCK students and their parents successfully negotiate the transition to college. A parent of three college-aged TCKs, Quick believes that when families anticipate and understand the challenges that lie ahead, most notably the different stages of transition, the student’s […]

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Helping Expat Kids Transition to University

It happens every year about this time. Hundreds of thousands of students head off to be launched as a young, independent adult at college/ university. Wise counselors and administrators at international schools around the world are learning to make a big deal of this transition for their students who have grown up globally, and so […]

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Ten Things Every Global Nomad Needs to Know Before Leaving for University

The transition to college or university is a tough one. It’s tough for students who have grown up in the same culture all of their lives. How much more so for the global nomad/ third culture kid (TCK) who has been exposed to many cultural traditions while growing up? This double transition needs to be […]

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