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The Global Nomad’s Guide – a recommended read for any student #TCK

“Author, Tina Quick, speaks in simple, practical steps, reinforcing complicated or abstract concepts with application or a recommended direct action. Only a few pages pass at a time without a tip, a piece of easy advice, or a reassuring nudge forward – making it a perfect resource for attention-strapped students, or a quick reference for […]

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The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition – This Book is a Must

In The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition Tina L. Quick gives practical advice to help TCK students and their parents successfully negotiate the transition to college. A parent of three college-aged TCKs, Quick believes that when families anticipate and understand the challenges that lie ahead, most notably the different stages of transition, the student’s […]

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Helping Expat Kids Transition to University

It happens every year about this time. Hundreds of thousands of students head off to be launched as a young, independent adult at college/ university. Wise counselors and administrators at international schools around the world are learning to make a big deal of this transition for their students who have grown up globally, and so […]

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Ten Things Every Global Nomad Needs to Know Before Leaving for University

The transition to college or university is a tough one. It’s tough for students who have grown up in the same culture all of their lives. How much more so for the global nomad/ third culture kid (TCK) who has been exposed to many cultural traditions while growing up? This double transition needs to be […]

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The Four ‘Pearls’ of Expat Student Repatriation

  Why is it so hard to go back home? Why do students who grow up abroad – third culture kids (TCKs) – have such a difficult time when they return to a place they have grown up calling ‘home?’ David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken explain in their book, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up […]

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