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Wendy Williams is interviewed by UK’s Telegraph

Wendy Williams, author of “The Globalisation of Love” (Summertime 2011), is interviewed by the UK’s Telegraph.

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Writing tip from newly published author, Wendy Williams

In this third and final post on writing tips, Wendy Williams, author of The Globalisation of Love, talks about the importance of branding your book… Tip #3 If you read my past two blogs, you will remember that Tip #1 was to write with passion and Tip #2 was to consult with experts (because they […]

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Queen of GloLo, Wendy Williams, shares writing tip #2

New author Wendy Williams (The Globalisation of Love) on calling in the experts…  Writing Tip #2 If you read my guest post last week, you will remember that my absolute number one New Author Tip was to ‘write with passion’. Remember the part about being inspired and writing from within? Ironically perhaps, this week’s tip […]

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New author Wendy Williams on why passion makes it all a little easier

In the first of three guest posts from new author Wendy Williams (The Globalisation of Love) we explore her number one tip. Writing Tip #1 Jo Parfitt recently invited me to write three blogs about my experience writing The Globalisation of Love. What did I learn? she wanted to know. I should jot it all down in blog […]

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We talk to Wendy Williams, author of newly-published Globalisation of Love

Wendy Williams is the author of the brand new, just released, hot off the press The Globalisation of Love, a book about multicultural romance and marriage. She has lived in six different countries and worked internationally for 18 years. Canadian and with an Austrian husband, she has been married for thirteen years, lives in Vienna, Austria and has one daughter.

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Journalist Shelley Antscherl muses about mother-in-laws

In this guest post for the Expat Bookshop, Shelley Antscherl shares her own experience of cross-cultural family life and how she could identify with Wendy Williams’ recently released Globalisation of Love. Love and other creatures As the retired veteran of a Six Year War with my Jewish Mother-in-Law I’m fascinated by the trouble and strife […]

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