9781904881711-Expat Life Cover.inddIn her latest blog for the UK’s Telegraph, Apple Gidley, author of the memoir Expat Living – Slice by Slice, reflects on how it feels to be ‘A Published Author’ – and have her life be, literally, an open book. In among the joy of it all, is fear… fear that she will “will bore everyone I know, or meet in the future, who reads the book. What stories will I have to tell that they haven’t already heard, vaguely amusing ones anyway?”

“I appreciate it is a little late to have doubts,” she writes, “but doubts I have. I have my family and friend’s blessing and those I wasn’t quite sure about or couldn’t contact, well I changed their names. But right now I think I’d rather go topless in St. Tropez than be so exposed emotionally, and the last time I did that was thirty years ago, before children.”

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Expat Living – Slice by Slice


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