sunshine-soup-cover-72When you publish a book, one of the first things you should do is have a party to celebrate. Sunshine Soup (Summertime, 2011) may have been my 28th book but it was also my first novel and boy did I deserve to celebrate!

My novel was due out in late September and, coincidentally, so was The Thinking Tank by my good friend Jae de Wylde. Jae lives in my home town in England but her mother is Dutch and she has family here. We had both written first novels and we both had written about being overseas. Jae in Spain and me in Dubai.

It made sense that we shared our launch.

I have always been a firm believer in joining forces with others with a common goal and so Jae and I held two launches – one in England and one in Holland and shared them both. She organised the UK one, I organised the Dutch one.

The effect of this was that we could attend both events, share costs and get two for the price of one. Better still, we sold books at both events, so sold more too.

If you can find someone with a shared goal to share your launch with then I urge you to consider it. Just as co-authoring a book doubles your promotion opportunities as it halves your writing effort, sharing a launch is simply a good idea.

Sunshine Soup, nourishing the global soul and The Thinking Tank are available on paperback and Kindle.


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