Laura J Stephens – Managing Uncertainty

aninconvenientpostingIn the kitchen, I am glowing in the humidity underneath a wash of pale spotlights. Outside in the dark yard, the cedillas emit their ceaseless din. Rubbing my strained eyes I wonder, with a heart pumping fast, could there be  someone out there looking in at me?


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Author: Laura J Stephens

A psychotherapist with a human resources background, Laura has lived in north and south England, Singapore and the USA. Through her work experience and accompanying her partner overseas she has gained a perspective on expat matters in her alternate roles as employer, spouse, mother and therapist. Reinventing her career to fit with changing circumstances, the common thread in her working/personal life is a desire to listen and connect with others. She has published articles about expatriate life and its emotional challenges. “An Inconvenient Posting: An expat wife's memoir of lost identity” is her first book.

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