Expat Bookshop asked author Lynne Harkes to share the thinking behind the production of her book trailer for the recently published memoir Spinach Soup for the Walls: Finding my spirit in Africa (Local Legend, 2012).

Spinach SoupI decided to make a small video to add an interactive dimension to my book. There are times that I feel the Internet and the speed of technology progression has had me wondering whether the world needs to move at such pace and I’ve not always embraced the techno-advances. However, lately I’m seeing things in a different light and in fact recognise that when used well it can be a powerful tool for conveying even the gentlest emotion.

At the outset I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted my video to feel and probably had something more of a professional edge in mind. What emerged however, as I put together the clips, has very much a pure and intimate family feel to it. Accompanied by the music of  Ludovico Einaudi with the track ‘The Days”, a particular favourite of mine, my little movie conveys exactly the message I wanted it to. I’ve had some lovely feedback from people telling me how moved they’ve felt watching it and perhaps everyone can identify with the family content.

Watch the trailer here.

Lynne Harkes is the author of Spinach Soup for the Walls: Finding my spirit in Africa (Local Legend, 2012). She was born in Edinburgh, where she currently lives and works as an artist. Her bold flower paintings hang in collections in India, Australia, South America, Kuwait, Oman, Bali, South Africa and the UK. Due to the nature of her husband’s work in the oil industry, which has seen him relocate every few years, Harkes has lived all over the world. She believes her creativity in both her art and literary work is a way for her to share the spirituality that is so important to her.



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