FlyAwayhome_Cover_webI’m not quite sure what possessed me to [write this book] (perhaps a midlife crisis of sorts) but I soon found myself day after day, year after year, writing. Pouring my heart out, one chapter at a time,” writes newly published author Maggie Mycklebust (Fly Away Home) in a recent blog.

She also discusses the challenges of writing a memoir. “It is tricky, because no two people remember events exactly alike,” she writes. “There is also the honesty issue, which can be quite hurtful to both yourself and those you hold near and dear. I live in a small town now and whenever I’m out roaming about I can’t help but wonder who’s looking at me, and if they know my secrets. It’s almost as if I’m naked for anyone to look at.”

Reactions to the memoir, Fly Away Home (Summertime, 2012), which follows Maggie’s journey from an abusive marriage in America to rekindling a childhood romance in Norway (and everything in between), have surprised her too. Though some have become distant since the book was published, others – including some of her high school classmates – have rallied around her.

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