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Running your own blog can be a hazardous business, at times, as you try to be interesting, hold an opinion, gain a loyal following and make your blog compelling.  At some stage, you are certain to upset some of your audience although, it has to be said, sometimes, this is constructive.

In fact, it is true to say that some very successful blogs are deliberately controversial with the web master often having taken a decision to host a blog where the ‘unsayable’ is possible.  This can work well and bring in significant ‘traffic’ and become an ‘authoritative’ and effective site – so long as the thrust of the controversy is consistent, as opposed to an attack upon everything with no discernible overall philosophy. Without the latter, any blog could easily descend into the ravings of a lunatic and quickly lose any sympathetic following.

However, most web masters will only court controversy warily.  That does not mean that they will not express opinions but that these are usually articulated carefully, so as not to offend too many people. Professional bloggers know all too well how sensitive people are, how much work goes into obtaining a following and how easily that following can be offended – and never return to the site again.

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So, be careful about how controversial you become on your blog and make sure that if you do publish something controversial – that it can be supported by sound arguments and is not something that will come to haunt you in the future.

As we say in The Laptop Entrepreneur: carefully pick your battles and do so only when you have a position that is genuinely sustainable and that will do credit to you, amongst your most important buying ‘traffic’.  Do not forget that your primary aim is to make money from your blog rather than turning it into some type of egotistical instrument!

Certainly, if you are running a commercial blog designed to sell services and products; you are probably wise to ‘duck’ an issue that could endanger your ‘buying’ followers (however distasteful that may sound).  Indeed, take great care to assess the implications of posting anything controversial and only pick your ‘controversial’ fights when they will actually help and support your overall aim (the selling of your goods and services) – or bring in the particular ‘traffic’ you want..

Obviously, a blog should be personalised and have an opinion. That is vital and people coming onto your site will be looking for an authoritative slant on what you profess to be an authority upon. So, avoid being anaemic and commit yourself, at the very least to an overall philosophy.  Make this clear, be consistent, know what your buyers want to hear and, of course, always check your facts – particularly if you think your Post will stir people up!

Nick Snelling is co-author of The Laptop Entrepreneur the book that shows you how to make an income on the Internet – available in print and Kindle

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