9781904881582-Laptop Entrepreneur COVER.inddBy Nick Snelling, co-author of The Laptop Entrepreneur – the book that shows you how to make money online and turbo charge your existing business. 

A common misconception is that making money online is only for the ‘young’ – by which I mean anyone under mid-30s.  This, I think, stems from the idea that you need to be very techie and totally confident not just with computers but also with coding and other esoteric parts of cyberspace before you can even think of earning an income online.

Thankfully, whilst this may have been largely true some years ago, it no longer is.  Indeed, under no circumstances should you feel that just because you have little or no experience of using the Internet for business purposes that you should continue to avoid it and leave it for the generations below you.  That would be an error and leave you missing out on some wonderful opportunities available to you.

In reality, using the Internet has become increasingly user-friendly.  Websites, for example, could cost thousands of pounds years ago and take weeks to obtain but now you can put one up yourself for free or get one put up for you for only a few hundred pounds.

Certainly, you would be amazed by how easy it is to use some website formats, with WordPress being very notable.  This is free, extraordinarily effective and easy to navigate.  Best of all, it allows you to take control of your own website – thus negating the need to turn to some techie every time you need to make a change or publish new material.

The Laptop Entrepreneur – the book that shows you how to make money online

Of course, there is a lot to be said for having a ‘tame’ techie around.  If you are not computer literate then having someone techie can help greatly and allow you to concentrate upon the really important elements of making money on-line – rather than getting in a mess about trying to get to grips with too much techie stuff immediately (however simple it has become!).

In truth, what is important to know now is not so much technical information as the ‘secrets’ of how to get a presence online that is sufficiently good for you to actually make sales of products and services on the Internet.  That is a different skill from web design and actually far more important because everything that needs to be done, when setting up a web site, must be led by web marketing know-how.

Fortunately, web marketing ‘know-how’ is accessible to anyone and actually follows, in cyberspace, much of what is done in the conventional world. This is excellent news for you, if you are interested in earning money online, as it means that you can use many of your existing skills – albeit by transferring them to cyberspace.  So, in this regard, your life experience gained by being older than 30 can be absolutely invaluable!

Certainly, one of the most important aims of The Laptop Entrepreneur is to show you how the Internet works to make an income on-line or maximise your existing business.  The Laptop Entrepreneur provides you with a ‘route map’ of how to market on the Internet and sell products and services (yours or other people’s!) and thereby how to make money online.  Equally it shows you how to turbo charge the Internet marketing of your existing business, if you have one.  This is vital information and could radically change the way you use the Internet – and end up securing your future or providing you with the financial freedom you want.

So, do you need to be young to earn money online?  Not at all – you just need some guidance to allow you to adapt to a different medium…

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