9781904881582-Laptop Entrepreneur COVER.inddA lot of sophisticated business people struggle to understand or appreciate social media and many feel an instinctive dislike of it – with Twitter’s 140 maximum character messages a source of particular contempt.  Meanwhile, Facebook is seen as an insecure way of indulging in endless worthless chitter-chatter sufficient to destabilise any business.

In fact, to people of a certain age (like me!) being resistant to social media is understandable. After all, it was not long ago that most communication was undertaken through tightly formatted, well-written letters and telephone calls – neither of which was used very spontaneously, as both were relatively expensive (when time and service costs were taken into account).

Now, however, communication is almost always free and has been made instant and spontaneous. That first came about through e-mails but has been taken to a ‘state of the art’ by social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  Both have enabled people to remain in touch in a way impossible to imagine even ten years ago.

The Laptop Entrepreneur – showing you how to make money online

“But what has this got to do with business and making money on-line?” I hear you shout (as you try to fight your way through piles of incoming e-mails!).

Well, social media for business purposes is all about ‘relationship marketing’.  It really is as simple as that and few forms of communication are better than social media for developing and continuing relationships (irrespective of how tiresome the process is).

Of course, it is no secret in the conventional world that people do business with people who they like doing business with, even if it means paying a little more for the other person’s product or service.  The reasons are those we all know and understand – and revolve around trust, confidence and a human’s natural desire to enjoy the company of others and build ‘meaningful’ relationships.

Needless to say, selling products and services on the Internet is difficult unless a buyer trusts you. On the face of it, all they may see is your website which, even if it is well designed, will not necessarily give them enough confidence to part with their money for your products or services. After all, there are billions of websites on the Internet and many look good and promise the world.

But can a website really be trusted and are its products and services truly of the quality stated – and will a buyer obtain value for money and the product or service he has bought?

That is where social media comes into its own, along with blogs, because both forms of communication allow a seller to project his ‘character’ into the marketplace. Indeed, over a period of time, anyone who operates his social media (and blog) correctly will find that he develops a following of people relevant to his activity and that these will be people who will trust and believe in him as an ‘authority’ and ‘friend’ – and as someone who can be trusted. This is vital for any business transaction but critically important when sales are to be made in cyberspace.

So, how can you best position yourself on social media – to maximise your ability to earn money online?

That is something that we tell you all about in The Laptop Entrepreneur, the book that shows you how to earn a living using the Internet…


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