In the first of three guest posts from new author Wendy Williams (The Globalisation of Love) we explore her number one tip.

Writing Tip #1

Jo Parfitt recently invited me to write three blogs about my experience writing The Globalisation of Love. What did I learn? she wanted to know. I should jot it all down in blog format – ‘Three Writing Tips from a Newly Published Author’. I groaned like a truculent teenager being told to clean her room.

I fancy myself to be a writer you see, and writers don’t like being told what to do. We create you see, and you cannot instruct someone to create. It has to be inspired. It has to come from within. You have to have a deep and burning passion.

And funnily enough, in my adolescent creative rebellion, there it was, Tip #1, jumping up and down in front of me kicking its legs in a can-can dance: write with passion.

My book is about multicultural romance and marriage. I love, and you could even say live, the subject matter. Therefore I loved researching for the book. I think I’ve read everything written on the subject, even the footnotes, even things that are not available on the internet. I loved interviewing multicultural couples for my book. I loved talking with them about multicultural marriage, international weddings, interfaith holidays and biracial children. I loved hearing about ethnic differences, cultural faux pas, language bloopers and random acts of multicultural love. I loved hearing their stories.

I loved talking to experts in the field, hearing their opinions, their wisdom, and their experience. I loved how they agreed on some points, disagreed on others, and how they built their entire careers, decades long, based on multicultural love.

I loved writing The Globalisation of Love. I loved sorting through the masses of information I had acquired in my research and creating a framework and an outline for the book. I loved writing, and editing and re-writing over and over again.

Now don’t get me wrong, writing The Globalisation of Love was hard work. It was long, lonely hours, it was writer’s block, it was working weekends while everyone else was having fun, it was even gruelling at times and it was always too much chocolate. But I could do it and I loved doing it because my passion for the subject matter never wavered. I wrote about a passion and therefore I could write with passion.

So that’s my lesson learned and my Tip #1: write with passion, and the only way to do that is to write on a topic for which you have a deep and burning passion. Make it a labour of love. I did, and it is just published and my first book ever. The title is The Globalisation of Love. How’s that for passion?

Love & peace & globalisation,




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