Perking the Pansies2When Jack Scott moved to Turkey with his partner, Liam, he planned to put his feet up and “watch the pansies grow.” It didn’t take him long to spot the flaw in his plan. Jack explains:

After thirty-five years working in the public sector I was ready for a change. So ready, in fact, that I wasn’t too bothered what might replace the world of the waged – as long as it involved a Mediterranean climate, complete independence and regular injections of alcohol. Within a few short months, I’d learnt a salutary lesson: neither the journey nor the destination is the be all and end all; it’s what you do afterwards that really counts. The real challenge to able-bodied emigreys (as I call retired expats) is to find a gainful occupation that doesn’t involve propping up the bar. That’s why I started my blog, Perking the Pansies.

Looking back, writing the blog created the foundations for the book. The blog had already attracted a solid international fan base. The contacts I nurtured, from fellow jobbing bloggers, far-flung expats and pansy fans, helped develop the Perking the Pansies ‘brand’. I knew I’d built something with broad appeal. Crucially, the blog provided an invaluable record of the events that overtook us in that extraordinary first year in Turkey – an off-the-peg account of our new life in Turkey. Of course, the trick was turning that series of random and mostly unrelated events into a believable and convincing whole. That’s when the hard work started!

For more information about Jack Scott’s book, see here.


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