New author Wendy Williams (The Globalisation of Love) on calling in the experts… 

Writing Tip #2

If you read my guest post last week, you will remember that my absolute number one New Author Tip was to ‘write with passion’. Remember the part about being inspired and writing from within? Ironically perhaps, this week’s tip is kind of the opposite of ‘from within’. My Tip #2 for budding authors is to go external and ‘seek expert advice’.

My book, just published and my first book ever, is about multicultural romance and marriage. Since I have been living in a multicultural marriage for over 13 years, happily I might add, I consider myself to be at least a ‘resident expert’ on the topic. That’s all fine and lovely and certainly helped me to ‘write with passion’, however as an unpublished (read: unknown) author, if I wanted a book that would speak with authority and make it in the big leagues, I really needed to go to the pros, didn’t I? So I talked to intercultural relationship experts, sought advice on multicultural weddings, interfaith holidays and biracial children, chatted with cross-cultural communications experts, became good friends with a sexologist who specialises in ‘interethnic sex’ (imagine having that on your business card!) and basically got to know everyone who is anyone in the business.

The experts shared not only a wealth of knowledge, know-how and wisdom, they also shared their passion, which leads to a second reason for authors to seek out expert opinions. Experts become experts because they have a deep and burning passion. They love their topic. They love talking about it, writing about it, reading about it, and even reading what you, New Author, have written about it. While I was neck-deep in research, running low on chocolate supplies, and wondering why the h*%! I had given up my day job to write a book, the experts reminded me that this topic is hot stuff, and that added energy to the writing process.

By the way, even if you are writing a work of fiction, you still need experts. In all your passion for prose and poetry, experts will help to solidify your story, to check statistics, to confirm historical facts and to verify plausibility. On the long and often lonely road to final manuscript, experts are your water cooler colleagues with whom to share ideas and have fun chat. So that’s Tip #2 for budding authors – seek expert advice.

Hope to see you next week for another blog on creating a brand.

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