Expat-Teens-Talk-300It’s a question most expats have to think hard about every year, says Diana Smit, co-author of Expat Teens Talk (Summertime 2012). “Summer vacation, a long holiday for the kids from school, is often a time when Expats return to their home countries to catch up with friends, families and their own home culture,” she writes in a recent blog post on Expat Teens Talk.

But what happens when, as in Diana’s case, there is no real “home” base? She and her family have decided to revisit a place that was once home (confusing isn’t it?), but this time on a real holiday.

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Expat Teens Talk: Peers, parents and professionals offer support, advice and solutions in response to Expat Life Challenges as shared by Expat Teens is written by practising psychologist Dr Lisa Pitman and educational therapist Diana Smit.

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