In this third and final post on writing tips, Wendy Williams, author of The Globalisation of Love, talks about the importance of branding your book…

Tip #3

If you read my past two blogs, you will remember that Tip #1 was to write with passion and Tip #2 was to consult with experts (because they fuel you with knowledge and passion). Both will help you along the long, lonely road to a finished manuscript. The third tip then is to help you take the finished manuscript toward the bestseller list. Without further ado, my New Author Tip #3 is to create a brand.

As an author, there are different ways to create a book brand. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling created a parallel world for her wonderful stories. She created new vocabulary such as ‘Muggles’ (people without magical abilities) and ‘Squibs’ (children of Muggles who can perform magic, which is very rare apparently). Rowling created locations like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and even a new sport Quidditch. Any of these elements conjure up the entire Harry Potter story, the magical experience, and the brand.

With my book, The Globalisation of Love, just published and my first book ever by the way, branding started early in the writing process. The Globalisation of Love became GloLo. It is an easy identifier of ‘a book about multicultural romance and marriage that includes chapters on how multicultural couples meet, weddings, language, religion, race …’ and so on. It is a noun. GloLo: anyone in a multicultural, international, biracial, interfaith, or bilingual relationship. It is an adjective, used to describe people, objects or events that contain elements of the globalisation of love, such as a GloLo wedding, GloLo children (offspring of GloLos), GloLo friends or GloLo household (which includes a GloLo kitchen).

I recently attended an event which had a high proportion of GloLo couples in attendance. The (GloLo) guest sitting next to me said to me, “Hey Wendy, is this GloLo Nation or what?” As the author of The Globalisation of Love, it was one of my proudest moments.

Creating a brand for your book helps people to understand it, to refer to it and to promote it so that your finished manuscript turns into a bestseller.

So that’s it for my New Author Tip guest post series. Here is a summary:

1. Write with passion.

2. Seek expert advice.

3. Create a brand.

When we all meet on the bestseller list, let’s celebrate the success of our books with a GloLoTini!

Love & peace & globalisation,




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