“As I look around me, more and more people are turning to yoga for overall health and well-being and general fitness, me included. Several years ago, after working 14 years in the PR business, I hit a wall and was diagnosed with a chronic illness for which the main symptom was bone numbing, mind-fogging fatigue. I was in a trough so deep I had to have weekly iron injections along with vitamin B-12 shots three times a week … My mom used to tell me that I had two speeds – fast and stop…”

In an incredibly honest and poignant column for Expat Focus, freelance writer, author and social media consultant Anne O’Connell reflects on the role that both yoga and writing play in her life as an expat. Read her column here to hear how yoga has helped her ward off anxiety, still her mind and relieve lower back pain – all the while dealing with the stressors of expat life.

Anne is the author of @home in Dubai: Getting connected online and on the ground (Summertime Publishing, 2011) and Mental Pause (own, 2013). The latter is a 2013 Independent Publisher Book Award Winner.


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