Benjamin’s Bedtime Story

A story to help your child fall asleep quickly and gently

Author and mother, Olivia Allinne-Ward, has written Benjamin’s Bedtime Journey to help children and adults relax before going to sleep. This is why each chapter ends with the words: ‘When you feel ready to move on, we continue our journey at the rhythm of your calm, slow breathing.’ This story is for everyone so the reader is encouraged to change the names of Benjamin and Michael to those of their child and his/her bear.

“Benjamin’s bedtime journey is not just a perfect book for bedtime, it’s an avalanche of beautiful words and powerful messages.”

Christophe Orgueil, NLP Trainer

About the Book

Author: Olivia Allinne-Ward

Born in Provence in 1956, Olivia has lived most of her life abroad. After high school in southern France, she studied to be a paediatric nurse and lived in Marseilles, where she met a dashing Englishman. Soon after, they moved to England where she taught French at an all-girls school. In the meantime, their son Benjamin was born. Her husband’s work took them to several other European countries, the first of which was Italy. It was here that Olivia shared storytelling with her son and developed her painting and drawing as a creative outlet. Further moves throughout Europe led them to come full circle and in 2012 Russell and Olivia returned to France (without Benjamin this time), where Olivia spent time training as an NLP practitioner. Incorporating NLP into Benjamin’s favourite bedtime story, she decided to commit the story to paper, the final version of which you find in her book, Benjamin's Bedtime Journey.

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