Little Bunny Dandelion Shows Children How to Make Friends Abroad

It’s that time of year again! Many of us are facing a move and we, as parents, wonder and worry about the impact it will have on our kids.  Most parents forget, though, that they can help their children make the transition by reading books to them about being on the move! Here are two books that enable young children to understand and cope with relocation. Little bunny Dandelion shows them how to make new friends abroad and how to bloom in a new place.

Angela Schreiner, author

Little Bunny Dandelion is moving House | Little bunny Dandelion discovers his favorite flower


Author: Angela Schreiner

Angela Schreiner is a social worker and intercultural trainer. She was born and raised in Germany, but lived in Belgium for almost 3 years with her then three year old daughter and her husband. Her son was born in Belgium. She found there were only a few storybooks to explain expat life to toddlers so she came up with her own, featuring the life of little expat bunny, Dandelion.

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