New from Summertime Publishing – I’m Moving! by Sara Wallén

Here’s a book for children who are moving!

Moving can be both scary and exciting for the whole family. It can bring up many feelings. Some of these are feelings children have never experienced before. The success of a move is closely connected to how well prepared the whole family is.

I’m Moving! is a hands-on guide to help children prepare for a move and navigate the emotional highs and lows that come with it. From the moment the move is announced to the time when everyone is settled in the new home, I´m Moving! is an effective tool for personal growth, helping the child unpack the move and tie up any loose ends prior to moving. I’m Moving! offers a unique approach to exploring and reflecting on the move. For parents, I’m Moving! is a springboard for conversations with the child, facilitating important dialogues concerning the move. I’m Moving! is appreciated by families globally and is translated into three languages.

About the Book

Author: Sara Wallén

Sara Wallén is a clinical psychologist and anthropologist who has done fieldwork and thesis on “Cross Culture Kids”, identity formation and belonging for children who move. She has hosted workshops for several hundreds of children who are in the process of moving. Working with children, she highlights the importance of acknowledging their need for a solid and steady foundation for identity creation—a feeling of belonging and formation of roots—and she helps them create this foundation without a physical platform. After ten years of engaging in children’s moves she wrote I’m Moving! It is the result of thousands of workshops with children and listening to their thoughts, excitement, worries and questions.

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