FlyAwayhome_Cover_webFly Away Home is the memoir of Maggie Myklebust, who owes her American roots to her Norwegian grandmother. Gerd moved to the US in 1949 but kept her ties with her birth country – and today Maggie lives in Norway, where she is married to a childhood sweetheart from holidays in Norway.

Maggie explains: “… in 1949, she gave the locals something to really talk about when the widow up and married a man eleven years her junior. They sold the farm in 1955, packed up the children and moved to America. They stayed for thirteen years before moving back to Norway, but Gerd had a restless soul and lived the rest of her life with a foot in each country. Bouncing between her devotion to Norway and her love affair with America, she never could decide where she was happiest.”

Gerd recently passed away and Maggie has penned this moving tribute.

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